Aetna Psychiatrists in NYC

Aetna Psychiatrists in NYC include Skypiatrist, an online service for clients centred in New York City. Learn more about accessing help for your mental health online.

Aetna Psychiatrists in NYC

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Aetna Psychiatrist in NYC

In today’s complex world, many people struggle with mental health issues. A recent New York State survey found that one in every five New Yorkers experiences symptoms of a mental health disorder, and one in ten has symptoms severe enough to affect work, social or family life. Since the pandemic began, demand for counseling has been higher than ever, and many mental health professionals have attempted to adapt their methods in order to see patients virtually. But at Skypiatrist, our psychiatrists and therapists have been offering online counseling since 2016. Our methods were developed expressly for working with clients over the internet, and we offer a variety of services, including psychiatric evaluations, psychiatric medication management, and talk therapy.

Aetna Psychiatrist in NYC

Why Choose Skypiatrist?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider working with one of our medical professionals:

Why Choose Skypiatrist?

Appointments are available within a few days. It can be difficult to get an appointment to see a psychiatrist or therapist in a timely fashion, yet when you are dealing with mental health problems, it’s important to deal with them as soon as possible. At Skypiatrist, we can almost always schedule you in within a few days.

We accept several insurance plans. Skypiatrist accepts Aetna, Cigna, Oscar, Oxford, and United/Optum plans as well as Medicare. We also accept non-insurance patients.

We work with children. Many counseling services accept only adult clients, but at Skypiatrist, we work with children aged 7+. Today’s young people experience a great deal of stress, and many can benefit from sessions to help them deal with anxiety and depression, among other problems. The sooner your child can learn ways to cope with their mental health issues, the better, and our professionals have extensive experience with children and youth.

We can prescribe medication. Some counseling services feature talk therapy only. At Skypiatrist, our psychiatrists are able to prescribe or renew prescriptions for necessary medications.

We maximize convenience. Why spend hours commuting to an appointment? Skypiatrist appointments can be scheduled during your lunch hour, when you have to be out of town, or on a day that is convenient for your schedule.

We are prompt and reliable. Your appointment will begin on time and will never be double-booked. You won’t have to sit in a waiting room reading outdated magazines!

You don’t need to download any software. As long as you have a laptop, desktop computer, tablet device, or smartphone with a functioning videocam and microphone, you can access our services.

Benefits of Therapy

Just as you would see a doctor if you felt unwell physically, working with a psychiatrist or therapist to stay mentally healthy is crucial. If you or a family member is struggling with symptoms of depression or anxiety, one of our experienced psychiatrists can evaluate and recommend a course of treatment. If you or someone you love has addiction issues, anger issues, an eating disorder, or tendencies toward self-harm, our professionals can help. And if you have been diagnosed with OCD, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, schizoaffective disorder, or any other mental illness, Skypiatrist can help you to manage your symptoms.

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